28 Apr

Showing EMHS students how to post


the answer!!

21 Apr

so we attempted to do this experiment. I was very excited and i thought it was going to work but sadly it was a huge fail. watch this video and see how it went.

Quick question for you out there?

21 Apr

So the question is can you blow a bubble with a harmonica? My fellow blogger and dear friend Hannah who is the blogger of harmonic hanna and I are going to see if this can be done hopefully soon there will be a video to answer this question. If you would like to attempt and answer this question please feel free and let me know you results ! :]

Ohhh the 80’s

17 Apr

this is a great 80’s commercial about Hubba Bubba soda! Kind of wish this was still around it seems pretty interesting. A bubble gum soda… I wonder if there is any other soda out there that is bubble gum flavor? But this soda is special because it is a bubble gum brand that has made a soda. Enjoy this commercial from the 80’s Hubba Bubba soda

Growing a gum tree can be done!

17 Apr

When I was a little kid I thought if I planted something(experimented with skittles mostly)  it would magically grow into a tree (a skittle tree) sadly though my tree never grew and i gave up on my (skittle) tree. I’m glad that someone got their tree though. Below is an adorable video of a kid who wants a gum tree so he plants one and it grows !!!

Street Art

10 Apr

So I don’t enjoy seeing gum disposed just any where but I saw this on Youtube of a guy who paints on gum he finds on the street. So he has proved me wrong that not all bad comes from throwing away your gum. I still think you shouldn’t just spit it out but if your going to you better go back and paint a picture on it.

This guy is pretty snazzy

A Gum Fact

10 Apr

In a previous post I talked about how “Many dentists now widely recommend chewing sugar free gum to their patients” and yes this is true but there are some things that many people don’t know about the excessive use of gum. Granted chewing gum has many positives but there are some negatives that aren’t talked about much. Some of these are that you can get temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). TMJ is a painful disorder of the jaw that causes popping and clicking. Another is that it can cause tooth decay if you are chewing sugar free gum which is recommended it has a less decaying effect but there is some controversy with that ” Sugar-free chewing gum is often sweetened with aspartame, an artificial sweetener that is the object of controversy about its toxicity in high uses. The National Institutes of Health continues to conduct research studies on aspartame and cancer. Past studies have shown no causal relation in humans, but studies using mice have resulted in different conclusions.” These are just a few negatives but there are positives. For example when dealing with stress it helps take tension away , it releases pent up energy but be careful not to chew too vigorously because that would then put a lot of stress on your jaw which could lead to muscle failure.

Read more: The Effects of Excessive Gum Chewing | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/list_6457095_effects-excessive-gum-chewing.html#ixzz1J8TuQeJB


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